20 Oct 2016

Wiredscore Platinum

At White City Place both The MediaWorks and The WestWorks have been awarded the top mark ‘Platinum’ by WiredScore – an independent certification that assesses a building’s connectivity and infrastructure. Occupiers will therefore benefit by being in some of the best connected buildings in central London.

WiredScore is a digital rating scheme designed to give people a way to understand how well a building can fulfil their connectivity needs. From an established physical infrastructure to its future-proof capabilities, here some of the reasons why White City Place was awarded top marks.

Future Proof: scalable and ready

White City Place has sophisticated infrastructure already connected to the highest tier data centre communications providers, offering flexibility and scope to a business’s evolving technology and needs.

Providers: Communications providers already on board

Each of the major communications providers are currently on-site and cabled in. There is also the added options of Hyperoptic, Metronet, and Colt. Metronet also offers fixed wireless capabilities for extra resilience.

Diversity: Two reliable routes

There are diverse points of entry into each building. Therefore, the site infrastructure provides a high-level of resilience and the option of full redundancy, with the built-in option of scaling up or scaling down network systems. Also, backup generators are available, negating the risk of any possible future power loss.

Speed: From London to L.A. in milliseconds

Both buildings have fibre connectivity giving options of speeds up to 10GB/sec. That's very fast.

Installation: Choose a system, and then go live

White City Place offers a managed network service – and a Standard Wayleave Agreement – making it simple and fast to get systems up and running.

Satellite Comms: Transmit into the open skies

Ample roof space and an uncluttered skyline clear the way for unobstructed microwave and satellite dish transmission.