02 May 2024

White City Place Hosts Social Impact Breakfast With Link Up London

White City Place were thrilled to host Link Up London for a Social Impact Breakfast Discussion earlier this week.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear from a panel of local ESG leaders, including Stanhope, Amazon UK, the Young Hammersmith and Fulham Foundation, and Football Journeys. The panel explored ways to promote social change in local communities and workplaces through skilled volunteering programmes.

Gareth Dixon, CEO of the Young Hammersmith and Fulham Foundation, and Carlos Salvador Joao, Director at Football Journeys, discussed the obstacles charities encounter and emphasised the vital role of corporate partners. They drew attention to the fact that authentic engagement can often be overshadowed by financial support, emphasising the importance of sincere commitment to drive meaningful organisational transformation.

Alice Jardine, ESG Executive at Stanhope, highlighted an increase in companies taking an active interest in supporting social change in previous years, but urged a broader interpretation of social value. She noted the importance of companies reflecting on their skills and how these can support communities.

Roberta Melcore, Global Senior Marketing Manager at Amazon, spoke of the transformative effect skilled volunteering had on her life, emphasising the many benefits of volunteering from personal growth to creative thinking.

The breakfast discussion was enjoyed by all and attendees left eager to explore new methods of driving positive change and social impact!

Find out more about Link Up London here: https://linkuplondon.org/