10 Aug 2018

Socialfixt Presents Fix Your Money

  • Categories: Talk & Debates
  • Date: Jul 31, 2018
  • Time: 18:00

Speaking about money can be daunting, embarrassing and awkward. Dealing with it seems a headache, one we'd all however love to take on in a responsible and productive way. The creative industry is a lot of the time full of dreamers who are passionate about executing. However a great deal of ideas reach a dead end because money has been wrongly handled or not at all. The Fix Your Money event is designed to show and teach you that there is bounce back from monetary failure, the long term effects of money on an idea or goal, the ways to let a little stretch even as far as self care and how to ask for money. The panellists have worked within the industry and established businesses shaping different creative sectors today. These were BAME women that could and that did. For July they will give you some insight into how you too can. Grab your tickets ASAP!