06 Jun 2018

Royal College Of Art Graduate Show

White City Place will host the Royal College of Art graduate show 2018. The exhibition, which will explore the frontiers of virtual reality, sound, moving image, animation, graphic design, illustration, digital design and post-digital spaces and beyond, will welcome visitors from Saturday 23 June until Sunday 1 July in the WestWorks and MediaWorks buildings.

Exploring topics that range from the culture of British hen parties to a graphic novel about Cumbria, complete with Kendal Mint Cake sculptures, the smell of peppermint oil, damp bark and archival sounds. A particular theme examining the way smaller day-to-day stress can build up to a break down aims to break down stigmas of mental health by portraying issues in a positive and realistic light. Look out for a wearable device that amplifies electromagnetic fields allowing the wearer to feel and hear normally-undetectable electromagnetic fields.

23 June — 1 July
Friday 29 June — Closed

The WestWorks and The MediaWorks,
White City Place,
201 Wood Lane,
London, W12 7TU