23 May 2024

Local Schools Dig Into ‘Green Skills’ At White City Place

Today, White City Place in partnership with the Local Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Council was delighted to host schools, businesses for the Green Skills Reveal event, a celebration and exploration of sustainability practices in the workplace and green skills.

Students from St. John's Walham Green Primary School, Melcombe Primary School, Phoenix Primary School, and Hammersmith Academy were invited to learn more about 'green careers' from several companies, including the BBC, Veolia, Groundwork, and Imperial College London. They explored how green careers contribute to preserving and restoring our environment.

The session was kicked off by Alice Reid, Stanhope ESG Executive, and Alistair Maddox, White City Place Client Services Director. They provided brief introductions to White City Place's sustainable practices, discussing key areas such as waste management, landscaping, and community responsibility.

Following the introductions, students engaged in a marketplace discussion, where they had the opportunity to ask businesses about their green practices. The event concluded with a group discussion on what the students had learned and ways they could contribute to sustainability. A key takeaway was the importance of creativity, highlighting that students are essential to achieving sustainable practices in future business.