12 May 2021

Leading Life Sciences Companies Expand In White City Place

Stanhope and the owners of White City Place, Cadillac Fairview, are pleased to announce that the innovative life sciences companies GammaDelta Therapeutics and Adaptate Biotherapeutics are taking new office space on the 1st floor of the WestWorks building.

Both biotech firms are pioneers in the research of gamma delta T-cells and are at the leading-edge of new immunotherapies which can help combat a range of malignant diseases such as cancer and other immunoinflammatory diseases. The additional office space will support their research and development projects by dedicating more space to vital laboratory work.

GammaDelta Therapeutics, which develops cellular immunotherapies for cancer treatment, is increasing its existing laboratory operations and adopting a further 2,500 sq ft of space, to help continue building its pipeline of novel therapies.

Adapte Biotherapeutic, which focuses on developing therapeutic antibodies to treat cancer, will similarly be increasing its existing laboratory space while also taking on a further 2,500 sq ft.

The office space expansion is to support the rapid growth of both companies. This is evidence of the growing success of the life sciences sector in the UK and the role White City Place plays in nurturing this community from early research phases to the development and production of life saving science and therapies.