31 Oct 2018

Design Trust/rca Fellowship In Design Curation Exhibition

Mina Song, recipient of the inaugural Design Trust / RCA Fellowship in Design Curation will present [] White [City] Cube [] as part of her year-long fellowship, opening on the 1st of November 2018 at White City Place, in London.

White City Place is a thriving business district set at the heart of the wider regeneration of White City. Home to a multitude of tech, life science and media companies the site is at the forefront of innovation and scientific research. With Royal College of Arts and Imperial College London situated close by, White City Place is at the centre of an emerging cluster of world renowned forward thinking institutions.

This public art exhibition will apply the findings from Mina’s research undertaken during the Fellowship into design tactics for curatorial practice. Work from four participating creators will invite the audience, in a direct yet subtle way, to examine space that is familiar to them in a different light. It will ask the audience how they would react to a slight change to their everyday path to their destination and, if the signage around the audience asks them to do something out of the norm, would it provoke a response?

From the various design theories and tactics explored, the exhibition attempts to apply Carl Disalvo’s concept of “adversarial design theory” to the exhibition-making process. Incorporating designer and theorist Victor Papanek’s concept that everyone is a designer, Mina will experiment with the roles of different parties involved and observe how they appear in curating. Papanek’s concept offers a method for the reinterpretation and re-examination of how curating can be done, and for exploring how design is adaptable to curatorial practices.

The exhibition includes:

  • exhibition-making as a way of “actual production of space”
  • artworks in and out of conventional settings
  • experiments with roles: curators as creators as designers
  • a subtle intervention of the notions of “the public” and “space”
  • an expansion of the physical exhibition into an on-going virtual dialogue
  • a virtual space for the audience to critically engage

As such, the physical exhibition will be expanded in a virtual space to further experiment and prolong the conversation. For more information, please contact mina.song@network.rca.ac.uk

The creators include:

  • Laura Robertson
  • Veronika Neukirch
  • Nakyeng Hwang
  • Inge van Genuchten
  • Maggie McGrath

David Camp, CEO of Stanhope said:
“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Design Trust and The Royal College of Art in bringing their latest exhibition to White City Place. This promises to be an innovative and thought provoking project from Mina Song which will enhance the already vibrant atmosphere at White City Place and will be enjoyed by visitors, workers and residents.”