09 Nov 2022

Hqi Kicks Off Sounds Like Hammersmith & Fulham Programme At White City Place

White City Place resident HQI kicked off the first in a series of masterclass lectures as part of its Sounds Like Hammersmith & Fulham programme. The first lecture was titled “Explore Worldbuilding and Audio-Visual Landscapes” with Rakhi Singh (Manchester Collective), Seb Gainsborough (Vessel), co-composer of The Northman, and Dr Cecilia Wee (RCA) speaking on World Building with sound and music.

Sounds like Hammersmith & Fulham is the springboard for the delivery of a ten-year programme of cultural development in the borough. The programme is a music project launched by H&F Council after winning a London Borough of Culture Award, part of the Mayor of London’s London Borough of Culture programme.

The focus is young people, creating the opportunity for long-term change through innovative arts and cultural provision, using music as a medium. The programme is a catalyst for change, providing opportunities to foster and facilitate collaboration between music professionals and people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. It is being delivered in two phases – the first for 14-18 year olds by the Tri-Borough Music hub, with the second for 18-25 year olds set to start in Nov 2022 and delivered by HQI Foundation.

“We are thrilled HQI has been selected to deliver the 18-25 phase and can’t wait to meet all those brilliant young artists we know are out there," added Muz Azar, Director of HQI Foundation.

“We’re determined to support young, aspiring and talented musicians across H&F as they develop their skills,” said Cllr Trey Campbell-Simon, H&F’s Lead Councillor for Youth Advancement. “Sounds like H&F is helping us build strong local connections and empower the next generation of young talented musicians.”

More information on the programme can be found here: https://h-q-i.com/slhf