15 Jul 2019

Global Brands Group Move European Hq To White City Place

WestWorks at White City Place is set to become home to the European headquarters of Global Brands Group (GBG) and Li & Fung. Stanhope, AIMCo and Mitsui Fudosan will welcome the Hong-Kong-based licensing firms, which form part of Fung Group, at the end of 2019. They will become the latest to join the growing network of tech, fashion and creative companies at WestWorks. Global Brands Group and Li & Fung will be located on the fifth floor, occupying 50,000 square feet within the building.

Global Brands Group is one of the world’s leading fashion, footwear and brand management companies, responsible for the management of renowned brand names including Calvin Klein, Karen Millen and David Beckham. The extensive services offered by the company include designing, marketing, developing and selling of clothing products. Its sister company, Li & Fung, are a global supply chain solutions partner for brands and retailers worldwide. In 2015, the company had a reported turnover of $18.83 billion. The aim of the firm is to assist its customers in navigating the digital economy and to improve the lives of all those in the supply chain.

The shared office space will encourage the sharing of ideas and will facilitate quicker reactions to shifting trends and consumer behaviour. Rick Darling, CEO of Global Brands Group, has commented that “by consolidating all of our London-based Fung Group businesses under one roof at White City Place, we’ll be able to execute our strategies more efficiently.”

The relocation of both world leading companies demonstrates the growing pull of White City Place as a popular destination for businesses seeking high quality facilities in a thriving location. David Camp, Chief Executive of Stanhope, stated that the new tenants “will help cement White City’s position as a leading global business district for world class companies.”