05 Dec 2016

David Gann

What makes some places more innovative than others? David Gann argues it’s the in-between: the bars, restaurants and cafes where people of many disciplines rub shoulders and spark ideas.

The death of distance is something that’s long been predicted but hasn’t really happened. While the idea that your business’s home is wherever the wifi is has its merits, it can also be limiting. When it comes to innovation, you want to be in the thick of it. The best ideas are born from unplanned moments, be it in line for coffee or scrawled on a cocktail napkin. The key is to position yourself where these moments exist.

David Gann, Vice President (Innovation) at Imperial College has spearheaded a report about why White City is becoming the next frontier for innovation in London. We sat down with David to explore the ingredients that make up a creative ecosystem and how Imperial’s new campus will both spur and benefit from the transformation taking place in White City.