Technical Networks

To amplify success globally

Fast, resilient...

The power of technical networks has never been more potent. We now have the tools to understand and innovate businesses at every level, from identifying the potential in markets globally, to directly learning from individuals. It has also never been more important for businesses to have safe, fast, resilient access to these technical networks.

With its inherent capacity and distinct legacy – and having been awarded WiredScore Platinum – White City Place is uniquely placed to provide an easy, ready-to-trade service for new businesses.

Technical Networks booklet (PDF)



    The highest certification for pre‑enabled connectivity.

    All major communications providers are already here.

    Typical speeds are offered from 2Gbps to 10Gbps connections.

    Infrastructure with a high level of resilience.

    Sophisticated infrastructure connects to top-tier data centre providers.

    White City Place offers a managed network service.

    Unobstructed microwave and satellite dish transmission.
The UK leads the EU ‘big five’ nations when it comes to superfast access with 95% of premises by 2017
Sources: WiredScore, Department of Media, Culture and Sport, SQW